Dr. Stella Immanuel Says She's Convinced That COVID Is Spiritual Warfare, Not Medical Battle

Dr. Stella Immanuel (Charisma News archives)
Shortly after the onset of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Stella Immanuel knew in her heart that the coronavirus was not so much about a medical issue as it was a spiritual battle.

Once Immanuel and other physicians put together the American Frontline Doctors program and began refuting many aspects of what the medical field and the media were feeding people, Immanuel became convinced of one thing: the enemy, Satan, had taken a huge hand in perpetrating one of the biggest deceptions ever forced on the public.

The cancel culture that has viciously swept through America in recent months paid special attention to Dr. Immanuel and focused a great deal of its attacks on her because of her stance as a Christian doctor and her support of a protocol called hydroxychloroquine, which she said without hesitation is a "cure for COVID" and that will "stop COVID in its tracks."

"I call this thing the 'super' pandemic because I believe this whole thing has been hyped for the globalist agenda," Immanuel told me on a recent episode of the Strang Report podcast. "From the beginning of this, we found out that hydroxychloroquine works, and I found that out by reading an article by Dr. Anthony Fauci in 2005. We started treated patients with it, and they were doing very well. But, of course, nobody wanted to hear about that."

After a conference held by the American Frontline Doctors in Washington, D.C., in 2020, there was no doubt in Immanuel's mind that spiritual warfare was involved with COVID.

"After a while, we realized that this not about medicine, that there was something really sinister going on," Immanuel says. "By the time we got going to Washington, I knew that this was not a medical battle. It was propaganda, and it was all spiritual.

"When I got to D.C., I told my family, if I don't come back, in fact, we shall perish. It is like Esther. People who have been willing to perish, God always protects them. When I got to D.C., I was ready to lay it all out. At that point, the whole world seemed like it was saying, 'We are all going to die.' The whole world was catching that fear.

"So, that day was a watershed moment and I believe that the Lord just really used my voice to break this spirit of fear over the nations. It was so sweet for me because I am a woman of God. I am a prayer warrior, and I am a deliverance minister; and my calling is prophetic. So, for me, it was very spiritual," she continues. "All of the other doctors were there. We had a training all day, but there was an anointing because we had been praying and praying for the nation. There was an anointing from the Holy Spirit that came on that day when I spoke. I broke something in the Spirit.

"Nothing has ever gone that viral that quickly, ever. I think we did like four hours [over the internet], and we had like maybe 20 million views. People started tweeting it. The president [Donald Trump] tweeted it and all hell broke loose. After that, I believe it was actually the devil. The devil works through people and it was like, 'Stop her; cancel her; shut her up.' They attacked me, they attacked my spiritual life, when I put up my messages. ... At the end of the day, they just tried to shut me up."

Almost as quickly as Dr. Immanuel's messages were put on social media, they were removed. They're still trying to silence Dr. Immanuel's messages, but through Christian media like ours at Charisma, the truth is being seen and heard.

And, as the Bible says, the truth will set you free.

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