What 7 World Religions Say About the True Origin of Evil

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What is the origin of evil? On this episode of Revealing the True Light, let's explore what seven religions have to say about this all-important subject:


Satguru Subramuniyaswami, a leader in Hinduism, said, "There is no intrinsic evil. All is good. All is God. No force in the world or in man opposes God, though the veiling instinctive-intellectual mind keeps us from knowledge of Him."

A holy book in Hinduism—the Mahabharata—identifies Brahma, the Creator god, as the Source of both good and evil:

"Formerly, all creatures were virtuous, and by themselves they obtained divinity. Therefore the gods became worried, so Brahma created women in order to delude men. Then women, who had been virtuous, became wicked witches, and Brahma filled them with wanton desires, which they in turn inspired in men. He created anger, and henceforth all creatures were born in the power of desire and anger" (Mahabharata 13.40.5–12).

New Age spirituality inherits much of its doctrine from Hinduism, teaching that evil is an illusion.

Taoism, with its yin-yang theory, maintains that evil is a manifestation of the Tao (the Universal Force). Both evil and good stream from the primal Cause of all causes.

Kabbala proposes something quite different. In the Zohar (the "Book of Splendor"—one of the two main sources of Kabbalistic doctrine), it is "implied that the evil in the universe originated from the leftovers of worlds that were destroyed."

Scientology believes evil originates in the "reactive mind" (ruled by engrams—repressed negative sub-conscious perceptions).

Judaism originates the story of the fall of Adam and Eve bringing evil in the world, but does not promote the concept of the "original sin" being passed on to their offspring.

Christianity reveals that evil streams from four main sources:

1. The 'original sin' that passed down from Adam to all his offspring (Ps. 51:5, Rom. 5:12, Eph. 2:1-3).

2. Sinful choices human beings make (James 1:13–15).

3. The world system, created by fallen human beings (1 John 2:15-17).

4. Satan and evil spirits (demons) who constantly seek to seduce the inhabitants of this planet to commit evil.

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