Why Your Constant Social Media Use Can Be Spiritually Dangerous

The addiction is accomplished by the need to belong to something, the need to be accepted by others and the need to connect. (Unsplash/dole777)
Social media seems to fill the need to be connected, the need to be accepted and the need of belonging to something greater than ourselves.

But at the end of the day it is mostly meaningless because it only offers feelings without any purpose. After one has connected with a thousand other people on Facebook or looked at 500 images on Snapchat or Instagram, they have not really accomplished anything meaningful. Even though they belong to a large group of so-called friends, nothing worthwhile has happened, only a feeling that flees shortly after closing the app only to hunger again for that same feeling.

So, the addiction is accomplished by the need to belong to something, the need to be accepted by others and the need to connect. All of this connecting is meaningless unless the connection is directed for giving help to others, to offer godly advice, sharing the gospel and generally for giving something for good rather than trying to fulfill your own need for a feeling.

Again, there never is satisfaction until one belongs to the Lord and to the kingdom of God, and there is nothing greater one can belong to than the kingdom of God.

If you join any of the social medias, it should be for a meaningful purpose like sharing about the Lord or posting a good YouTube video, podcast or article that gives honor and glory to the ways of God, but should not be about you trying to fulfill your own human need for connection and feelings apart from the Lord.

Gossip is a deadly sin. Gossip is all about curiosity about others, keeping up with what people do, being nosy about others, talking about what others are doing and so forth. Most social media platforms are powered by the spirit of gossip and lust—lust for the feelings it gives and the gossip of keeping up with what others are doing.

Addictions and obsessions are totally against the will of God. These social media connections are very addictive and will ruin the souls of those who obsess over them and continually seek for the feelings that never satisfy. No one is really ever satisfied until he has come into an intimate, passionate, devoted and wholehearted relationship with the Lord.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled" (Matt. 5:6).

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