Why Believers Must Understand the Power of Authenticity

Authentic worship of God is powerful. (Unsplash)

If there's one thing I've learned from my time as an entrepreneur and coach, it's that authenticity is a powerful thing. Whether it's selling authentic products, coaching authentic people or just experiencing authentic relationships, when realness is at play, the game of life is a much greater adventure.

I've heard it said that in order for you to receive real love from someone, they need to know the real you. Otherwise, they are just loving the version of you that you've presented.

It's so true. I believe that we are drawn to the truth. As believers, we are being led by Holy Spirit into all truth. There's a pulling almost like gravity to the truth that God has strategically placed in this world. We're called to seek it. We don't invent truth. It's something we discover.

If you're in tune with Holy Spirit, it doesn't take long to recognize when something or someone is not being presented with authenticity. We can usually see right through the facade that is presented to us, and the impact that the product or person will have is usually pretty minimal. On the other hand, when something is created or presented from a place of authenticity, the impact is much greater. Even if there is a disagreement or if there is other personal preference, the experience with the authentic expression usually leaves a lasting impression.

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On my latest episode of The Next Level Podcast with Michael McIntyre, I had a discussion with the chief business development officer of Bethel Music, Chris Estes. He talked about this very thing. When asked about what he looks for in a prospective artist for the label, his answer was easy:

"Authenticity always translates best. ... Not to demean artistry, but when you watch shows like The Voice or American Idol, you'll see a lot of singers with phenomenal voices. They can turn it on and they can perform," Estes explained. "But when you have someone with authenticity and they have a creative identity, ... that's really something special."

His point was referencing worship music. Many of us are familiar with this picture. That person who is on stage, leading the set, is singing songs of praise to a God they know well. They believe the king they are worshipping is actually in the room and that He is the essence behind their gifting and their passion. Conversely, we've also encountered the band or artist that simply performs worship. It feels routine and not from a place of real experience or encounter. And the moment falls short of its intended purpose.

The bottom line is, there is power in authenticity. Any time the truth is being presented, there is an opportunity for it to be fully received and accepted. It leaves no doubt. It takes away any chance of false expectations.

If you want to be accepted for who you are and what you carry, it's important to be authentic.

Whether in business, in relationships or creative endeavors, your authentic expression is enough. If Jesus is your King and Holy Spirit is your guide, then who you are and what you present is what the world around you needs.

Listen to this episode of Next Level Podcast with McIntyre, "The Power of Authenticity with Chris Estes of Bethel Music," on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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