Why This Prophetic Journey Is Just as Important Today as It Was 1,800 Years Ago

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Born an orphan, Curt Landry only found his true identity after he was born again. Not only did he find his biological family, but he also realized his mother was Jewish.

"The Lord restored and recovered my heritage," he says on a Charisma Connection podcast. "I was born an orphan, and I did not know my identity until the year after I was born again. I was born again at age 36, which was a radical transformation, but then shortly after that I was reconnected to my biological family. Those two things so realigned the way I thought about myself and the choices that I would make."

In the process, Landry realized that the path of his life paralleled the history of the church.

"I really realized that the journey that I've been on is the journey the church has been on for roughly 1,800 years."

It only makes sense, then, that Landry would form Curt Landry Ministries to be "a bridge between the church and Israel in a very practical sense," he said, citing Genesis 12:3, "I will bless those who bless Israel," and Psalm 122:6, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

He points out that Jesus said, "'When you do it unto the least of these my brethren,' speaking of his Jewish brethren, and Acts 1:8 says, 'You'll be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and unto all the ends of the earth.' Those types of Scriptures really captured me when I first got born again over 30 years ago, and it was like, how do we actually, as the church, in a very practical way, stand with the nation of Israel and the Jewish people in modern times?"

Landry's House of David Ministries and Curt Landry Ministries serves Israel and other nations through humanitarian outreach.

"We actually work with the land of Israel, the people of Israel and the government, so we provide the education, the action and the good deeds to be able to fulfill those Scriptures."

Landry believes standing with Israel also impacts the future of the U.S. Jews and Gentiles must be joined with the Messiah in unity, he says.

"That whole principle of three things coming together on one assignment is always a formula for victory. ... When you have Jew and Gentile one in Messiah, Messiah being the third fold of the cord, when Jews and Gentiles come together as a three-folded cord, it's not easily broken. You're seeing that in modern times right now and you're seeing a lot of pressure. Even in the political realm, we need to stand with Israel. Why is that? It's because we need to stay connected to the way our country was founded on our Judeo-Christian faith and our Constitution, and everything else is on that same foundation."

As Christians honor the Jewish people, they align with God's heart and come into "a tighter relationship with the Lord, because if we love what God loves, it always helps us in understanding and receiving His love," Landry said.

"The Lord says that when Jew and Gentile come together as one new man, He creates an abiding place. I think anytime there is unity, and anytime there is coming together, it always brings peace. Psalm 133 says 'How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.' And it says it's there where He commands the blessing of life, life forevermore. There's something about unity, fellowship and coming together in God's purposes that brings God's strength, God's healing, God's prosperity and, most of all, God's shalom. Shalom in the Hebrew means nothing broken, nothing missing. And if there was ever a time when in our personal lives we needed peace and shalom, I think it would be now."

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