10 Biblical Signs the Person You're Dating Is Marriage Material

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A marriage is a harmonious union of a man and a woman, and its main aim is to reflect the relationship of the Godhead and to serve Him. The fundamentals of a blessed marriage are love, respect and trust. However, it's not very easy to understand whether you can trust your future spouse or not.

There are certain signs that will help you to know how to trust your boyfriend.

How to Marry the Right Person

Finding the man with whom you will share the rest of your life, educate children and make common plans isn't easy. Challenges will always pop up, and no relationship is perfect. However, love can eradicate all flaws because it is limitless, pure and comprehensive. God teaches us that love is the main value in marriage. "And above all these things, embrace love, which is the bond of perfection" (Col. 3:14). Love is an umbrella term to refer to trust and honesty, emotional support, sharing the same values, and affection.

Trust and honesty mean that the man doesn't try to isolate you from your family and friends, he doesn't want to control you. Rather, he wants to share life with you and he truly wants your union to be blessed by God and to share good and bad with you.

Emotional support means that your second half isn't critical and selfish. He believes that a marriage is tough work, and that two people should become one flesh once they've decided to get married. Your second half is sent by God to be your rock and fortress. He provides you emotional support no matter what happens and he makes your faith stronger.

Sharing the same values is paramount in any healthy partnership. In order to build a strong family, you should share the same interests and values. You should be devoted to our Lord; encourage each other to be better; value faithfulness, dedication, compassion and kindness; share your responsibilities; and create the family where love and respect will rule. If you discuss all these important things and are on the same wavelength, then the question "Will we get married?" doesn't arise because the marriage is a logical continuation of your love.

Affection indicates that the second half doesn't only say "I love you" but also expresses his love and affection through actions. He always shows his respect, supports you when you are upset and tired, always listens to you, he is always patient with you and hugs you for no reason.

10 Signs You Can Trust Your Future Spouse

1. You Go Through Hardship Together

"Cast all your care upon Him, because He cares for you" (1 Pet. 5:7).

It's easy to be together when life is great and you don't have any worries, but true strength of a relationship is checked by moments of sorrow and grief. If your second half is always with you, always supports you morally, cares about you, does everything to ease the pain—then this is the person you can trust. You are always together in difficult situations and you always put faith in God and wait for many good things to come.

2. Your Partner Is Honest With You

"Lying lips are abomination to the Lord, but those who deal truly are His delight" (Prov. 12:22).

Trust and honesty are interrelated, and it's crucial to be honest with each other. If the person is ready to open up to you, then this means that he is trustworthy. It's vital to be able to talk about everything together, to share all dreams, fears and plans. If your loved one keeps secrets and doesn't want to discuss some issues with you or he tells you many lies, then it's a sign of certain problems in a relationship.

3. You Feel Safe and Secure With Your Loved One

When people marry, they become one flesh, and it's important for them to feel safe and secure together and regrets such as "I wish I could trust you" never appear in their relationship.

The sense of security and predictability that comes with trust makes us feel good about our partner and believe our relationship has long-term potential.

If someone is trustworthy, then you feel great around him. You can be yourself without worrying how you'll look, you are sure that whatever happens, your partner will support and protect you. Besides, you know that this person will never hurt you on purpose and you enjoy your prosperous and healthy relationship. If there's no trust between partners, they can't feel secure and that is why their relationship has emotional highs and lows.

4. You Know Each Other's Family and Friends

If you unite your lives, and you are involved in any aspect of your lives, it means that you can trust each other. You know each other's friends, relatives, you organize common gatherings and communicate with the beloved's close people permanently. Your second half is shining with joy and he wants to make sure you are familiar with each close person he has in life.

When you unite your lives, you go to the next level of connection. You are thankful for having each other in life and for being able to enjoy it together.

5. Your Beloved Appreciates You

"Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:" – Proverbs 31:28 (NIV)

If people are self-confident and they feel the support of their spouses, then the relationship is healthy and harmonious. Your husband is your second half, and his appreciation gives you strength and motivation to be better and to develop. If the man appreciates you, it means that he really loves you, accepts you the way you are and this is the sign that you can trust him.

6. The Partner Trusts You

"Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her" (Prov. 31:11).

A perfect way to understand whether you can trust the person is to see if he trusts you. If your future spouse doesn't trust you, he is afraid of being vulnerable, then it means that the feelings aren't strong enough to be transformed into a lifelong commitment. Building trust may be difficult, but spiritual love is built on trust. It means that you communicate with ease, no judgment is applied, you are equal and only you understand your connection: you experience bliss when you are together, you are ready to conquer the world and you don't question each other's devotion.

7. His Faith in Our Lord Is Strong

"I will take you for My wife forever. I will take you for My wife in righteousness and in justice, in mercy and in compassion. I will take you for My wife in faithfulness, and you will know the Lord" (Hos. 2:19-20).

A marriage is blessed by God and by His grace it is filled with love and compassion. Your partner must share your values and together you should honor God. God is love, compassion and justice, and if your future spouse has the same dedication and love for our Lord, you can trust him.

8. Your Beloved Respects You

"Be devoted to one another with brotherly love; prefer one another in honor" (Rom. 12:10).

Respect should dominate in a relationship. This means that the partner treats you with warmth and love and he accepts your personality without even trying to alter it. He doesn't try to control your common life, and he is self-sufficient. He respects your personal space and always supports you. Besides, he is unselfish, and your well-being is a top priority for him.

9. The Partner Admits When He Is Wrong

No one is perfect, and the ability to admit your mistakes is a sign of strength. If the person perceives himself objectively and wants to build a long-lasting relationship, this means that the human is ready to change for the sake of a happy future with you. Besides, apologies show that the beloved one wants to build trust and he is ready to be vulnerable. Besides, the recognition of past mistakes is a sign of a high level of responsibility.

"If you can't take responsibility for the small things, you can't take responsibility for the big things," says Aniesa Schneberger, MA, LMHC and founder of Tampa Life Change.

If your boyfriend is responsible and self-critical, then you can trust him.

10. The Second Half Perceives You as an Equal

"So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them" (Gen. 1:27).

In God's eyes, the man and the woman are equal. Your man perceives you as an equal if he trusts your decisions and he never doubts your abilities. He encourages you to grow together with him. His love and support help you grow as a person, as a successful woman, who is interesting to her man and who contributes to the growth of her family. If the man takes your opinion into consideration and asks for your advice, this means that he has deep feelings for you and definitely you can trust him.

Thus, choosing a husband is difficult because it is not only the matter of your happiness but also happiness and well-being of your children. Therefore, choose a trustworthy person, with whom you will live in unconditional love and respect. Remember that "no one has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwells in us, and His love is perfected in us" (1 John 4:12).

Andrew Guerra  is an editor of sweetytextmessages.com He likes to share his thoughts with the people around. His writing on motivation, love has appeared to make our life better. Andrew believes in fairness and human wisdom.

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