Ray Comfort: What Happened When Masked Men With Knives Knocked Out a Man and Removed His Heart

(Ray Comfort/Facebook)

 In Utah in 2012, a group of masked men with knives knocked a man out, cut open his chest and took out his heart. And no one did a thing to stop them.
So says filmmaker Ray Comfort, who was horrified as a staff member relayed what happened to his younger brother. "But then I heard something that astounded me," Comfort explained. "The masked men with knives were surgeons, who knocked his brother out with anesthesia, removed his diseased heart and gave him a heart transplant. No one stopped them because they were saving his life."
Comfort noted that his ministry, Living Waters, is based on a similar principle of using information to change people's minds. His 180 movie uses one question to change minds about the issue of abortion.

"It is amazing to see people turn from being pro-choice to pro-life in a matter of seconds. We saw the same principle at work in The Atheist Delusion. Atheists backslid in seconds, just because they were given some missing information." 
In the same way, Comfort added, there is information that can be given to the lost to instantly change their minds about the claims of the gospel. "In 1982, I discovered what Jesus called the 'key of knowledge,' and the use of that very effective key has led to unprecedented interest in our ministry (with our YouTube channel amassing over 50 million views). It's because of this God-given platform that we have completely revamped our website to incorporate the latest online principles to reach the unsaved with the gospel. God has entrusted us with an effective means of reaching millions, and we want excellence to be our response to this trust."
The new LivingWaters.com offers free access to amazing videos, quality articles and countless other resources—all to encourage Christians, as well as to challenge the unconverted regarding their eternal salvation.
"Among other things, we'll have weekly articles from some of the most gifted and godly Christian leaders," Comfort concluded. "We want to give this lost world missing information that will stop them in their tracks, and cause them to take a closer look at God's offer of everlasting life. There is nothing more important."

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