This Film Will Redefine How You Look at Faith-Based Movies

The Christian community has never seen anything like it—a documentary rooted in scripture that rivals Nova, Discovery Channel, LIFE.

For select nights only, Genesis: Paradise Lost will hit theaters and has the potential to become one of the greatest evangelism tools for today's society.

"This is going to be something that the secular world looks at and says, 'Oh my goodness, we've never done that before,'" Eric Hovind says. Hovind founded, one of three organizations behind the film.

The film tells the story of Genesis through 3-D animation combined with scientific proof and narration by Dr. Voddie Baucham.

"[It] is stunning and powerful and when you wrap it together like this, it comes off so well. Because it's the truth, to me, it comes off as even more convincing. Because you're not just reading, 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,' you're experiencing that. And we're speaking the language of the culture today. Today the culture doesn't read books; they learn through movies. If I asked how many have read Darwin's On the origins of species, they'd say not many. How many have watched Jurassic Park? It is a boring, boring book, but whenever you actually experience it, like Jurassic Park or the NOVA and Discovery Channel, things that are put out today, all of a sudden people hear scientists saying that an animal crawled up out of the water and walked up on land. Then they see some crude animation of some thing crawling up out of the water and walking on land, and they go 'Oh! It must have happened. I just saw it.' We thought let's apply that same strategy to the truth, and instead of presenting a lie, let's present the truth of what really happened, and it is powerful. It really is."

The film answers more than just the creation question, though. Some of many of today's dividing topics are addressed in the very first book of the Bible: issues and debates surrounding racism, marriage and gender just to name a few.

Though the filmmakers are directly targeting the Christian community, they know that the movie is the evidence nonbelievers are seeking to prove the existence of God.

"Let me put it this way: this will strengthen the faith of believers," Hovind says. "It presents information a lot of people have never heard before. For the unbeliever, honestly, it's our prayer that it gives them a crisis of faith in evolution. One of my favorite quotes, because people say we have faith and they have science, no no no no no, one of my favorite quotes in the movie, Dr. Charles Jackson, says, 'If you believe in evolution, you have to believe in miracles without the miracle maker. You have to believe that life came from non-life. You have to believe that the universe came into existence from nothing. You have to believe that a single-celled organism gave rise to all the life on earth today, all the different species. You have to believe in miracles without the miracle maker.' There is no scientific explanation for these things. They cannot account for these things. It's just powerful."

Genesis: Paradise Lost will be in theaters across the country on November 13 and November 16.

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