Free Smartphone App Promises the Power to Silence Satan

The Shut Up, Devil! app is an innovative resource that puts the power of the Word of God in your pocket. And because it's on your smartphone, which is almost always with you, you're ready to resist the devil whenever and wherever he attacks. Additionally the app features reminders that will help you keep the enemy at bay and silenced in your life.

The app conception stemmed from Charisma House's upcoming book, Silence Satan by Kyle Winkler, which releases in September. Winkler is founder of Kyle Winkler Ministries, a media and teaching ministry broadcasting on the Christian Television Network.

Watch below to find out how the app works.

Common Issue Categories

Common issue categories and an app-wide search make it easy to find the scriptures you need, when you need them. There's a category for just about any issue you face—anxiety, depression, fear and so much more.

Scripture Cards

Select a category, and you're presented with related cards. Each card features a relevant scripture and a personalized version designed for you to read aloud. Share a card on your social networks or add it to your Favorites collection for quick access later.


Set the app to alert you as often as once per hour or as little as once per day. Based upon your settings, friendly alerts will remind you to speak scripture aloud.

Download for Free Today

The Shut Up, Devil! app is available free for iOS and Android phones.

Thousands already use the app and report transformed thinking and great victory in spiritual warfare. I know that you'll experience the same, and in just a short time you'll realize that you're no longer under attack—you are on the attack!

Download the app today and begin to say, "Shut up, devil!"

A Message From Kyle

Satan knows that the greatest hindrance to being used by God is the belief that God can't use us. And so the devil launches his lies and accusations aimed to make us slaves to fear. I'm convinced this is the enemy's most potent strategy against us.

For too many years, Satan's lies dominated my life. Insecurities and regrets from the past often overwhelmed me with fear or made me feel disqualified for use in God's service. These threats all reached their peak in me one winter day when I awoke to a series of condemning whispers and accusations. For the next week, my mind was the battlefield in a severe demonic war intended to shut me up. My upcoming book, Silence Satan: Shutting Down the Enemy's Attacks, Threats, Lies, and Accusations, is framed around this experience. In it I give an extremely transparent account of this warfare, followed with the journey the Lord led me on to vividly witness Satan's defeat at the Cross.

The Model of Jesus

Certainly our victory was won at the Cross. But it must be lived out every day so that we may quickly shut down the enemy when he returns again to challenge our faith.

To help us, God offers spiritual weapons and armor. According to the apostle Paul, one of the greatest of these weapons is Scripture. It's a sword, Paul revealed, which is active and alive, and useful for standing (or identifying) in the victory of Christ (Eph. 6:11–17; 4:12).

We activate Scripture as a weapon in our lives when we speak it. In fact, this is the model Jesus used during His temptation in the wilderness. Three times He countered Satan's temptations with scripture, responding, "It is written..." In other words, "Shut up, devil!" Scripture silenced Satan and forced him to flee (Matt. 4:1–11).

I found speaking scripture crucial to keeping Satan silenced in my life too. My strategy began with note cards on which I penned personalized versions of scriptures relevant to whatever issue I faced. I kept these cards on me throughout the day, intending to speak them aloud as often as I needed. Still, despite my best intentions, I frequently forgot or became too lazy.

With this, I implored God for something more convenient—something always with me that could help me remember. That's when I received a download from heaven. Over the next day, God revealed to me the blueprints of what is now known as the Shut Up, Devil! app.

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