Corbin Bernsen: Why the Salvation Army?

Corbin Bernsen
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You reach a certain point in your life when the blessings of your life become abundantly apparent, not the least of which is the very gift of life itself and all the treasures, beauty and magnificence that come with it.

With that awareness, however, also comes a sense of responsibility, human duty, if you will, to “balance the books” and give back in return for those blessings. This is not to say I or others haven’t given back “along the way,” but suddenly it seems to take dominance, becoming a priority.

Over the years I have, like others, contributed and “given back” to various organizations and causes, albeit somewhat “here and there,” trying to make sure I’ve covered all bases. But also with age—and I suppose wisdom—comes the need to consolidate, “one stop shop”—conserve, focus, and be sure that you make the most out of every effort.

Ever since I was a young boy, I had a keen fascination for the Man in the Salvation Army Suit with his bell and his bucket asking me, and the common man, to give—just a little—to help those in need. And for some reason it always seemed “fair” and resonated.

I had the sense that a dime—if that was all I had, would do, and further, that dime would actually go to good use—all of it! In short, I trusted the “Man in the Suit” ringing his bell asking me to put something in his kettle. Of course it never hurt that I also associated all of this during that magical time of Christmas even though I had a good inclination that the work of the Salvation Army was year round—as it is.

It was only in my later years however—where the image of the bell ringer and his kettle continued to bring a smile to my face—that I realized the work of the Salvation Army was worldwide and the organizations and “causes” it reached to help and aid were so vast.

With four sons, and a glorious wife of 25 years, family has become everything to me. And because of that, the notion of helping children—all children—has become somewhat of a functional obsession. I believe children are, very simply put, our future. And because of that they are also our hope, and one of the places where I put my faith in tomorrow and the endless potential there.

Upon closer scrutiny I realized “my old friend,” the Salvation Army, had a very direct reach into helping children, whether it be something as simple and obvious as making sure no child goes hungry, or to the frightening and prevalent problem of human trafficking. So, as life often presents itself, I found myself in the unique position to bring full circle those early notions that I had as a child about the great work of the Salvation Army, and join forces with them to tackle some of the more crucial issues facing us today, especially regarding children.

We found an entry point through a rather obscure yet “destined relationship” based on, of all things, Snowglobes! I have one of the world’s largest collections of Snowglobes, and have recently been designing these treasures of yesteryear through “Corbin’s Classic Domes.”

An opportunity presented itself for me to help with the launch of the newest effort of Salvation Army—SAVN.TV—to bring all those incredible efforts of Salvation Army into the digital age and create a further reach than ever before. Out of this was born the idea of my creating a “Corbin Classic Dome” for SAVN.TV, which would be sold during the 2013 Christmas Holiday season with all proceeds going toward those great causes benefited by the hard work of the Salvation Army.

As with all things in my life, I did take a moment to reflect … “Is this the right thing to do?” The answer came back rather quickly however as I realized so many aspects of my life came together with this project—a “one stop shop,” not the least of which is the fascination on a child’s face when looking into the isolated yet perfect world of a Snowglobe, and for a moment thinking “all is good, all is as it should be.”

I’m extremely proud and honored to be working with the Salvation Army, SAVN.TV and the efforts great people who, like me, see the magnificent potential of our journey—one that begins with every child on our planet.

Actor Corbin Bernsen is best known for his starring roles in "L.A. Law, Major League, and currently USA Network's “Psych.”  His love for acting, writing and intent devotion to his career compels him to create family films for his Home Theater Films production and distribution banner. Corbin seeks to actively help better the lives of those in need through his partnership with The Salvation Army.

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