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MorningStar Ministries' Chris Reed (Charisma News archives)
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Chris Reed Shares Prophetic Word on the Future of China's Xi Jinping

Unprecedented mass protests are unfolding right now across China. The country is seeing the largest pushback in decades, following their "zero COVID strategy" still in place today. China's Communist Party has continued to enforce lockdowns, testing and travel restrictions—but now people are rising up and fighting back.

Charisma News sat down with Morningstar President Chris Reed to hear his prophetic word from God on the downfall of Xi Jinping's rule.

On Oct. 1st Reed heard from God, "The change that will come to the communist party of China will shock the world. Xi Jinping is not the permanent ruler of China, for he will be replaced in a surprising way, and a surprising time, with struggle."

Mario Murillo: An Era of Mass Soul Winning Has Begun

From the very first tent stake we drove into California soil, until now, there has only been one dream. And, after two years, that dream came true in Roseville. Roseville is the victory we have yearned for. It confirms that an era of mass soul winning has begun!

I have never needed you to rejoice with me more than right now. Give me your undivided attention. It is time to declare the towering significance of what God did in Roseville, California. This was our turning point.

The term "turning point" has been cheapened. To do it justice, we must see it in military terms. In every protracted battle there is a turning point which finally comes after an invading army has tried, again and again, to pierce a deeply embedded foe. Then, they find the weak point, and score a massive blow that decides the outcome of the war.

The Glaring Hypocrisy and Double Standards of the Christian Left

As many readers will know, my most recent book was titled "The Political Seduction of the Church: How Millions of Americans Have Confused Politics with the Gospel." And while I did make passing reference to the errors of the Christian left, my focus was on the Christian right, in particular conservative evangelicals, part of the community with which I identify.

But as the 2022 elections continue to be decided with a major senatorial runoff in Georgia, it is a good time to focus on the overt and unashamed merging of politics with the gospel on the Christian left.

I wrote in October that, "The left is also guilty of this very thing, to the point of celebrating the marriage of politics with the gospel." And, I added, "it is just not the right that is guilty of blurring these lines (meaning, the lines between the gospel and politics or between Church and State). The left most certainly is, and even more blatantly."

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