Pat Robertson Blames Bush’s Iraq War for Recent Violence

Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson recently spoke out against President George W. Bush's war in Iraq. (CBN)

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Televangelist Pat Robertson recently spoke out against President George W. Bush's war in Iraq and said it was to blame for the country's outbreak of violence.

Iraq is in the midst of severe violence as the radical terrorist group, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is taking territory and overwhelming national military units.

The Christian Broadcasting Network founder was asked on a Monday broadcast of The 700 Club about the current situation in Iraq.

"George Bush went into Iraq with approval from Congress, but with disapproval of most other countries. We broke it, now it is our responsibility to fix it. Is there hope? How does this fit into the plans of Almighty God?" the viewer asked during the show's "Bring It On" segment.

Robertson, a former Bush supporter, responded by calling it a "great mistake" to go to Iraq, pointing out that Saddam Hussein's "bomb maker" had said the then-dictator "doesn't know how to make an atomic bomb."

"And so to sell the American people on weapons of mass destruction, he had WMD and was getting [concentrated uranium] yellowcake out of Africa and all of that, it was a lot of nonsense," Robertson noted. "We were sold a bill of goods, we should never have gone into that country!"

He added: "As bad as Saddam Hussein was, he held those warring factions in check, and he contained those radical Islamists. Fix it, no? It's too late to fix it. It's unfixable. Those simmering animosities have been there for centuries."

Robertson supposed there would be conflict in Iraq until the end times brought about the Antichrist.

"They will continue to play out until such times that the Lord brings out of Babylon some evil Antichrist or something," he said.

The television preacher also compared Hussein's suppression of Islamic terrorist groups with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government.

"The same thing with that wicked dictator over there in Syria. He was with the Ba'ath party over there, and he held down the Muslim Brotherhood," he added.

Watch the clip below.

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