Will Trump's Pledge Stop the Proliferation of Porn?

With President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration this Friday, will he honor the commitment that he made during his presidential campaign to end the spread of pornography? read more

What It Takes to Be a Missionary

There are five traits successful missionaries need to make a lasting impact for Christ. Author: Kenneth Freire read more

How to Quit Porn in 2017

Most men who make a New Year's resolution to never watch porn again find themselves back on the same websites in no time. Discover the only key that can truly set someone free. read more

You Won't Believe How This Church Is Tackling the Porn Epidemic

Southland Church prepares 1,350 warriors to take on Porn Epidemic, and this is how... read more

The Things That Hold Us Back

The rich young ruler, like many of us today, was in a "quandary." He wanted to follow Jesus, but he loved the lifestyle his money provided for him. read more

Men Around the World Are Giving Up Porn, and It's Because of This

With 68 percent of Christian men viewing pornography on a regular basis, the church is in desperate need for something to help men understand what they are up against. read more

Save $500 Before Christmas

Start saving for emergencies today with the $500 Savings Challenge by brightpeak financial. It's chock-full of inspiration, great savings tips and the motivation to make a dent in your savings—for real! Go to 500savingschallenge.com to sign up! read more

4 Reasons Your Team Needs to Be at Summit 2017

You've heard about echurch Summit. You know this is a vigorous three-day conference that's not for just anybody. It is designed especially for leaders, staffers and teams operating in the church space. But if you need convincing, here are four reasons you (and your team) need to be at Summit this year. read more

6 Ways to Turn Your Sermons into Digital Content

Pastors spend more time than anyone knows preparing their sermons, but for many of them, the sermon disappears as soon as it's preached.
It's important for pastors to start thinking about other ways that can turn their sermons into digital content. Here's why: read more

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