Visiting Israel Is No Longer Just a Dream—Make It a Reality.

It's the land of the Bible and the cradle of humanity. It's the trip of a lifetime—imagine walking in the footsteps of the prophets, standing in the spot where King David once stood and looking out on views redolent with thousands of years of sacrifice.

Travelers to Israel can be stymied by many obstacles. Flights, accommodations, travel details like organizing tours and attractions in a strange country and, of course, cost, are all potential obstacles that make the dream of traveling to Israel intimidating. The team at is passionate about Israel and sharing the land they love. They know Israel, and will help you get there.

One of the unique things that sets apart is that they are a hybrid company, a mix of online convenience with live, personal service. Their site is a fast, technologically sophisticated booking site where you can make your own travel arrangements, much like Expedia. But the added dimension to their site is that all they do is Israel. Which means really know their way around the country and how to get there. They will hook you up with the very best fares on flights to Israel and hotel stays, because they are on top of the industry.

Beyond that, there is a treasure trove of information about Israel on their site. The site is visually stunning. You will get lost exploring all the many things to do and see in the Holy Land as well as reading their fantastic blogs. The site will help you plan your itinerary, organize your bucket list, and tell you where to get the very best falafel. invites you to discover the holiest place on Earth—a place of history, prophecy, faith and sacrifice. But they don't want you to limit yourself. Along with the sacred spaces, modern Israel is a place with cities and beaches, deserts and forests. You can go jeeping to the Ramon Crater, float on top of the Dead Sea, and do some parasailing in Eilat. The possibilities are literally endless. It's overwhelming—and that's why you need them.

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You may know that you want to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, The Garden Tomb, Nazareth, the Jordan River and some of the "classic" tourist spots. Here are a few other ideas from

Photo: The Western Wall Tunnels

The Western Wall Tunnels - The Western Wall is the No. 1 tourist site in all of Israel and the center of constant 24/7 prayer. Aside from making a pilgrimage to the site, don't forget to take a trip through the tunnels. They excavation runs underground along the wall so you will actually be standing on what was street level 2,000 years ago. In the tunnels you will bear witness to all the civilizations that attempted—and ultimately failed—to conquer the Holy Land.

Photo: The Jesus Trail

The Jesus Trail - Starting in Nazareth and ending in Capernaum, this trail takes you through 65 km of easy to moderate terrain that follows the footsteps of the Bible. Along the way there are holy places, archaeological sites and historical landmarks. There are also shops, inns and cafes along the way for weary hikers to take a load off. Most people try to do 10 km a day, but if you only have a limited time in Israel, you can just do one portion of the trail.

Photo: The Friends of Zion Heritage Museum

The Friends of Zion Heritage Museum - This technologically cutting-edge museum is an hugely engaging interactive display on the contributions of the Christian community to the establishment of the State of Israel. It's a moving and edifying experience. Some people profiled here are well known—like Queen Victoria. And some are lesser known, such as Clay Lowdermilk. Never heard of Mr. Lowdermilk? Check out the museum and find out who he is and what he did for Israel.

Photo: City of David Segway Tour

City of David Segway Tour - This is the coolest way to do some urban sightseeing. The segway tours take you through the city of David in a fun and modern way. Great tour guides will show you this most ancient parts of the Old City. You will glide through ancient paths and past stunning vistas. You'll learn and have fun at the same time.

Photo: Nahal Perat - Wadi Qelt

Nahal Perat - Wadi Qelt - One of the most popular hikes in Israel combines archaeology, the Bible (Prat is the biblical Perat mentioned in the book of Jeremiah), and adventure. There are great swimming holes and ruins of the oldest discovered synagogue in Israel, originally built by the Hasmonean Kings. There is also a monastery still inhabited by Greek monks with visiting hours.

Photo: The Blind Museum

The Blind Museum - Check out the award winning exhibit "Dialogue in the Dark" that is part of the Children's Museum in Holon. Don't be mislead though—this exhibit is only open to age 9 and older. The Exhibit allows people to experience the world of the blind and introduces people to the rich sensory world within. It will forever change your perceptions and attitudes on disability. read more

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