Clarion Call, by Matt Barber

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Matt Barber

We Are Not All God’s Children

You’ve heard it said that we are all God’s children. This rings flowery and nice, says Matt Barber, but it's an insidious lie. Find out what he means. read more

Matt Barber

Liberal Rag: More Despotism Please

As Matt Barber sees it, President Obama has stored up no short supply of exploitations. Most especially, he has exploited the people he is sworn to serve. read more

Matt Barber

Is Prodigal GOP Inching Home?

In 2012, the GOP approved a platform that, at least in writing, re-established a firm position on “guns, gays and abortion.” Now it's time for the Party to stand firm atop that platform. read more

Matt Barber

Obama Moves to Weaponize IRS

Once caught abusing his executive authority, an honorable man would immediately reverse course, resign and accept the consequences of his illegal actions, says Matt Barber. read more

Matt Barber

Planned Parenthood Rep: Christianity 'Going Down'

For those of us so very blessed to have raised our personal white flag in mankind’s inherently fruitless struggle against the Creator, there can be no joy in watching God-deniers continue to labor under the grandest of all deceptions. read more

Matt Barber

10 Liberal Limericks for 2013

In clear violation of op-ed protocol, this week Matt Barber is suspending prose and having a little good, clean, limericky fun at liberals’ expense. Do you agree with his rhythmic assessments? read more

Matt Barber

America’s Chief Export: Immorality

The climate under Obama has gotten so bad, Russian President Vladimir Putin feels emboldened to claim for Russia the mantle of world moral leader. What has become of the U.S.? read more

Matt Barber

Making Liberty Lemonade From Atheist Lemons

Described as a “ghoul in a late-night horror movie” by Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, the “Lemon test” has wreaked havoc on religious liberty. It's time to make lemonade. read more

Matt Barber

Gays Admit ENDA Game: Outlaw Christian Morality

The gay anti-discrimination bill will offer results no different from forcing a deeply religious business owner to hire and accommodate an “out and proud” adulterous “swinger.” Matt Barber sounds off. read more

Matt Barber

When Being Called Evil Is a Kindness

We are in a spiritual war for our culture. It is a war between good and evil, and surrender is not an option. Matt Barber adds fuel to your fire in his bold word of the week. read more

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