When Will America Finally Remove Our Modern-Day Pharaoh?

Transformed people transform the culture while standing boldly against evil. (Megan Watson/creationswap.com)

Response to my commentary a few weeks ago was gratifying. Most readers seem to grasp a very important point: America's pharaoh is not a person or a political party; it is a power source other than God upon which people erroneously and foolishly depend, even begin to worship. It replaces God, exalting an unprincipled, unbiblical worldview.

The advocates and supporters of this system consistently assault absolute principles while rejecting revealed truth. As a result, freedom is redefined as everyone doing what is right in their own eyes. When people begin to lose freedom individually, they give it up nationally. The problems we face and the resulting bondage can be changed by God's people living as the light that cannot be hidden.

Christians must recognize, "A house divided cannot stand." Church leadership must stop fighting over theological differences and become supernaturally united by love, concern for others and fulfilling God's kingdom purpose. Cease arguing about the Holy Spirit and begin living in the demonstration of His power with love, peace and kindness. Reject the godless worldview by demonstrating the power of a biblical worldview with its magnetic attraction. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself."

It's obvious to everyone here and around the whole world that American leadership lacks the wisdom that comes only from Divine Providence. These are realities we face:

  • America is divided by colliding worldviews.
  • Our choice is a big God or big government.
  • We can trust other men's promises of provision, entitlement and dependence, or return to personal responsibility, accountability, hard work and a genuine interest in the well being of our neighbor.
  • We must choose between solid biblical principles or the opinions of relativists.
  • There is an all-out assault on the Christian faith, biblical absolutes and any mention of God in the public square.
  • Moral standards are being rejected. Anything goes in sexual practices. Marriage is redefined. Protection of the innocent and innocence is diminished.
  • Ever-increasing excess in government spending will deplete not only the treasury but also the ability for anyone to get ahead through honest labor and understanding the importance of risk and reward.
  • Freedom is being exchanged for dependence and a sense of entitlement, leading to national bondage.
  • The importance of limited government under God and principled people is being replaced by an excessive, ineffective, all-powerful state. National direction is being determined by special-interest groups that demand so-called rights while refusing personal responsibility. As a result, opportunity, productivity and even the promise of meaningful employment are destroyed.

Recognizing the serious problems we face, Christians must stop arguing among themselves and stand together as an unshakable, spiritually united body of true believers. We must reject the thought that evangelism is to be separated from the importance of standing against evil.

As a lifelong evangelist, I understand that we win people to Christ and teach them to assume responsibility as Kingdom witnesses here and now. We weren't saved just to escape this world and go to heaven. We were born again to have the Kingdom of heaven revealed "on earth as it is in heaven." We are to stand against the gates of hell and its forces of destruction and deception.

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