How Well Do You Understand the Trinity? This Quiz Might Surprise You

Do you truly understand the Trinity well enough to explain it to another person? (CreationSwap/Jon Ashcroft)

How well do you understand God?

Whether you're a brand-new believer or a seasoned student of Scripture, the answer is that we cannot ever fully wrap our minds around the God we serve. As He says in Isaiah 40:25, "To whom will you compare me?" (NIV).

But for many Christians, is the incomprehensibility of God's nature an excuse to be lazy in understanding what He has revealed about Himself?

Dr. James White, a reformed Christian apologist and theologian, has mused in The Forgotten Trinity that Christians are passionate about all sorts of doctrines—eternal security, the gifts of the Spirit, salvation through Christ alone, the second coming of Christ—but how often do you hear someone say they are passionate about the Trinity?

That's because, for many of us, the Trinity is the awkward stepchild in the family of Christian doctrine. We know it, we believe it, but we're confused by it and we sometimes wish it wasn't there.

But if you've ever had a conversation about the nature of God with a Jehovah's Witness, a Mormon, a Muslim, or a Oneness Pentecostal, you may have discovered that understanding the Trinity is about more than having all your theological ducks in a row; it's about the core nature of God revealed in Scripture.

For most of us, we're content in understanding that the Father, Son and Spirit are all God. But Heaven forbid, what if an ardent nonbeliever were to confront you with John 14:28 ("the Father is greater than I") Mark 10:18 ("Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone") while you're trying to share the Gospel with him? Do these verses fit comfortably in your understanding of the Trinity, or would they cause you to backpedal in conversation?

The Test

If you consider yourself a Bible-believing Christian, ask: do I really understand—and have a passion for—the way God reveals Himself in Scripture through the doctrine of the Trinity?

Test yourself here. It's simple; only 10 questions, mostly true/false.

The Answers

How did you do? If you took the survey, click to the next page to see the answers and their explanations. And by no means take our word for it—study the Word yourself!

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